AFRICOM Provides Supplies and Training for Game Rangers in Tanzania

Game rangers in Tanzania play an important role in the country's economy by fighting poaching in the region. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jessica Wolter takes us to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania where these rangers are getting new supplies and training from the U.S. Government.



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Civil Affairs Soldiers enhance Tanzanian Counter Illicit Trafficking Operations

Studies have been conducted and have included evidence that illegally trafficked goods from Tanzania have been distributed throughout the world to include parts of Asia, South America, and North America. According to a U.S. Department of State Report from May 2017, “illicit trafficking remains the lifeblood of the numerous bad actors and networks, creating vulnerabilities for nations.”

Tanzania rangers showcase anti-poaching skills

Tanzania Rangers held a demonstration day to show off their newly acquired skills after training with soldiers from the U.S. Army North Carolina National Guard and 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion August 24, 2016, at Rungwa Game Reserve, Tanzania.

U.S. Army trains Tanzania Rangers to combat poachers

U.S. Army Civil Affairs Battalion, a component of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, and North Carolina Army National guard soldiers trained Tanzanian Park and Game Reserve rangers in counter-poaching.

Multiple units, one support apparatus: CJTF-HOA at Eastern Accord 2016

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa sent a joint team to provide real world support and subject matter experts to Eastern Accord 2016 at the Tanzanian Peacekeeping Training Centre, July 11-22, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Counter-IED training at Eastern Accord 2016

Members of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa taught Dutch, Tanzanian and Ugandan military leaders on counter-improvised explosive device operations during Eastern Accord 2016, July 14, 2016, at the Tanzanian Peacekeeping Training Centre, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.