Area Logistics Training

Djiboutian Armed Forces (FAD) soldiers completed their final test, May 16, and graduated from Area Logistics Training, May 19, 2016, at Camp Cheik Osman, Djibouti. The five month training with the U.S. Army Regionally Aligned Forces Soldiers taught the FAD several skills necessary for their new logistics company.


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U.S. Marines strengthen Djiboutian Army by leading joint bilateral academy course in Africa

The U.S. Marine Corps is arguably one of the most revered institutions within the U.S. Department of Defense. So, when Combined Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) leadership recently welcomed members of the Djibouti Armed Forces (FAD) into the U.S. Marine Corps Corporals Course, it was a distinct honor.

Network training readies Djiboutian soldiers for Somalia mission

U.S. Army Soldiers from the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa communications directorate held an Africa Data Sharing Network (ADSN) sharing of best practices and validation session with Djibouti Armed Forces (FAD) members Sept. 28, 2016, at FAD Headquarters in Djibouti City, Djibouti.

Djiboutian forces increase intelligence knowledge

More than 15 Djiboutian Armed Forces (FAD) members joined instructors from the Regional Joint Intel Training Facility (RJITF) from Royal Air Force Molesworth, U.K., to learn open source intelligence (OSINT) research techniques at the People’s Palace, Djibouti, March 5-10, 2016.

Djiboutian soldiers learn lifesaving skills

More than 10 Djiboutian Armed Forces (FAD) soldiers joined members from the U.S. Army Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) under U.S. Africa Command to learn vital medical skills in preparation for future deployments.

Incoming EARF completes validation, demonstrates crisis response capability

Within hours of being notified, CJTF-HOA’s East Africa Response Force prepared dozens of Soldiers and tons of supplies for takeoff during an emergency response exercise, validating the EARF’s rapid response capabilities.