Kick for Nick soccer event

A Soccer tournament in support of #kickfornick took place with players represented from six countries. Check out the story of the great event!


Army Civil Affairs

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U.S., Rwanda forces complete first of four phases to enhance Rwanda peacekeeping operations

Civil affairs and information operations personnel from CJTF-HOA met with members of the Rwanda Defence Force to discuss capabilities and pre-deployment tasks for Rwandan CIMIC personnel.

Army Civil Affairs investigates Ribta village Well

Ribta is located in a small valley in the mountains of the Tadjoura region, far from any city and public water systems; the villagers there rely on well water for drinking and watering their crops.

Army Civil Affairs provides medical care to Djibouti village

U.S. Army Soldiers from the 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion, assigned to the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, worked with Djibouti Ministry of Health and Cuban medical personnel to provide medical care and education to the people of Dikhil, Djibouti, May 11-12, 2016.